Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Second Birthday!

Happy second birthday, sweet Hallie!

We had a little family birthday party for her at home. We had Chick-fil-A for supper and a cute clown ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins. She loved both! She'll get cupcakes on Saturday at her party. :o) She did get to open a few is, after all her birthday! She got a CUTE sleeping mat from Gramps and RahRah--a monkey! I will have to get a picture of it up--none of the ones I took tonight turned out very well. :o/ She also got a String a Farm game (you string different chunky pieces onto a string), a baseball mit/ball (velcro), and a glowing Curious George. The singing birthday card was also a hit. And she got a card from Elmo (that Daddy made)! :o)

I know she will have lots of fun at her birthday party Saturday. :o)

And in keeping with my tradition with my sweet college roommate, Aimee, I am quickly teaching Hallie how to exclaim "It's my birthday!"!! :o)

The Birthday Girl

I asked Hallie to show me her birthday shirt and this
is what I got...Miss Priss. haha!

Hallie was SO excited about her clown! And I am very
surprised she was able to go to sleep last night b/c
all she ate was the icing and a few bites of ice cream!

With Gramps and RahRah--I can never get them all
looking at the camera! :o)

Hallie said, "This is good. It's good ice-seem!"


Stephanie said...

she is absolutely adorable! we got nora one of those singing cards for val's day, and i think she liked it more than the dora beenie baby that accompanied it. it sings "i'm walking on sunshine" and she loves it! haha.

The Belton Family said...

Little miss model in her birthday shirt! Too cute! I'm so glad that she is feeling all better. I can't wait to see photos of the party!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday, Hallie!