Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Present!

After we got home from seeing the Easter Bunny, Hallie had a package from Nonna! She was so excited to open it. I got it all on video--but it's in four separate videos. They are all super cute, but I'm only posting the last one taken so Nonna can see Hallie get her shoes. :o) Hallie ripped through that box and all its presents like nobody's business. She grabbed one thing, showed her genuine excitement and then was on to the next! What I don't capture in the video was her true love for all of the things...after the videos, she was going back through everything and "oohing and ahhing" over it all! Very cute and sweet! Thanks, Nonna for Hallie's Easter goodies (and my shoes that were included, too...although Hallie tried to steal those for herself!). :o)

Some of Hallie's presents--an adorable little
dress that she LOVES and a "Prinpress" camera!

Showing off her new shoes.

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