Friday, May 1, 2009


I got home on Thursday, opened the garage and saw someone standing in there. I was worried for about two seconds, then I realized it was my sweet daddy!  My parents are little stinkers!  Come to find out Jonathan had driven to Dallas that morning to pick them up at the airport!  They had decided the day before to fly to Waco for my birthday.  How fun!  They had kept Hallie for the day, and she couldn't have been more excited.  I hope my dad caught some cute pictures of that day!  I enjoyed their visit, even if it was quick.  Friday (May 1) was my birthday, so I ended up taking 1/2 the day off to spend with my parents.  Hallie napped on Friday so Mom and I did a little shopping while Pop held the fort down. :o)  Then we went to dinner for my birthday.  Hallie was quite whiney despite her 3 1/2 hour nap, and she sat in my lap wanting me to read Peter Rabbit to her most of the time.  Sweet girl...although it would've been nice to eat my birthday supper warm!  All the way to the restaurant, Hallie was singing "Happy Birthday to Mommy!  Happy Birthday to Mommy!"  It was very cute.  And though she didn't want to eat any supper, she didn't dare turn down any ice cream cake!

Nonna and Hallie putting stuffing her
Bernstain Bears

On the way to dinner...Hallie kept hitting Pop in the
face every time I tried to take a picture! :o)

Hallie stepped in mud and wanted Pop to clean
off her shoe...and of course, she had to help him!

Hallie singing to me...


The Canada's said...

Sounds like a fun birthday and surprise!

Anonymous said...

My little Hallie is a sweetie!! We loved our visit even if it was short and sweet! Hugs & Kisses, Nonna