Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saying Bye-Bye

The fun always has to come to an end, but we are all so glad my parents got to come and spend some time with us all!  Hallie really enjoyed seeing her Nonna and Pop, and I'm sure the feeling was mutual.  The second we got onto the interstate, Hallie-Lou was snoozing away!  We stopped at Czech Stop for some FABULOUS kolaches.  Our plan was to stop for lunch, but we really didn't have time.  And after we all enjoyed our share of kolaches, we really didn't have room for lunch! :o)  Once we got to the airport, the bottom fell out of the sky!  Thankfully there was a sky walk so we wouldn't get wet--Hallie thought that was lots of fun!  Because of the weather, Nonna and Pop's flight was delayed.  We thought we'd grab some lunch for Hallie while we waited.  There was Chili's and McDonald's.  So we were going for McDonald's...until we got to the counter and saw the 3 ft x 2 ft sign on the Coke machine that read: Fries and Hamburgers not sold at this location.  Gates A blah blah and B blah blah.  WHAT?!  For whatever reason, that "location" only sold breakfast...and pretzels and popcorn.  Weird.  Hallie wasn't interested in eating anyway.  She was more interested in chasing Pop around the airport!  She also enjoyed a couple of rides on the escalator. :o)  Thanks, Pop, for keeping Hallie entertained!  We look forward to seeing Nonna and Pop again soon!  Thanks again for surprising me for my birthday!  It was the best present yet! :o)

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