Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

Saturday was very relaxing! Friday night we went to Target and got Hallie a little pool for our hot Texas summer days that have already begun. She was so excited about having a swimming pool that we had to open it up Friday night! She slid and slid and played so hard Friday night. We talked about putting water in it, but we really think she would have been content to just leave it empty in the little living room! Saturday morning we ate breakfast as we watched the rain pour down outside. After a hot sunny week, we had a very humid, rainy Saturday...and it was nice to be able to relax inside! Jonathan and Hallie painted for almost 2 hours while I cleaned up the kitchen, den, living room, and did some laundry. Hallie LOVES to paint! I tried tackling Hallie's room (should have done that while she painted!)...she has so many clothes in her closet that don't fit anymore, but I just haven't had the time to pack them up. So I worked a little in the closet, got a little sappy over packing up all my favorite outfits of Hallie's from last summer/fall, and then gave in to Hallie helping me with ALL the hangers! :o) After that, it was naptime. I thought Hallie was going to fall asleep in her bed while I was packing up her clothes. But no such luck...she read happily to her babies while I worked, but then wanted to snuggle Mommy as usual (our weekend routine for naps). And I don't mind one bit b/c soon enough she won't want to have anything to do with me! So, Hallie took a little nap and Jonathan helped his parents with a few things...and picked up our weekend guest (Charley). I cleaned up a little more and actually rested! Here are a few pictures of our restful Saturday. :o)

Hallie trying out the slide on her new pool.

Hallie painting--one of her FAVORITE ways to pass the time!

Reading to her babies...

Oh my goodness...these are some of my favorite
outfits from last summer/fall and I got teary-eyed
while packing them up! I had to take a picture. :o) I
have so many memories in these outfits. I could tell
you one for each outfit! I can't believe my little girl is
getting too big for the little bubble outfits. Oh how sad
that makes this momma!

Hallie would pick up the hangers off the floor
and then make a pile of them somewhere else
in her room! haha!

Some more favorite outfits...Hallie wore the initial
outfit last Father's Day (and I have the sweetest
picture), the puppy outfit for Uncle Jeremy's b'day
outing to Dallas, and the other three more times than
I can count b/c they were three of my most
favorites! I should've bought these in every size!


The Belton Family said...

I have been cleaning out Taft's fall/winter clothes this week. All those "favorite outfits" are so hard to let go of. I just keep telling myself that now some other sweet little boy that needs them will enjoy just as much.

Scroggins Family said...

Packing up the sweet little baby clothes was SO hard! I was recently looking at some of them to get them ready for the babies and will have a hard time seeing them on any baby other than Emily! She has moved on to the big girl clothes of shorts and tshirts and I miss the little "outfits!"