Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swimming Fun...and chilly too!

After a rainy Saturday, our Sunday turned out beautifully! We enjoyed church, lunch after church, a nap for two very cranky girls (yes, Mommy was cranky, too), and then some sunshine! We took the pool outside and hooked the water hose up to the elephant and let the fun begin! While all last week the weather was extremely hot and sunny, today we were confused by the mid-70s weather! Hallie was not a coward...although it was quite chilly outside, she braved the cold for the fun of the pool! She slid, she splashed, she jumped around. She tried her best to convince Charley th join her. No such luck. :o) She begged Daddy and Mommy to get in the water, but we both said we were too big (quite true, but it was also FREEZING!). Hallie was shivering, bless her sweet heart, but assured us she was not cold. When she had had enough, she went up to Daddy and said, "I need these clothes osh (off)." So cute! She was shivering from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. After getting on dry clothes, Mommy snuggled her up in a blanket until she warmed up--she did not protest! After that, we grilled some hotdogs and continued to enjoy the sunshine until it began its late decent. :o)

Enjoy the you think she was having fun?! Bless her heart, her Momma won't buy her a swimsuit that fits. LOL. The swim bottoms would not stay up. They kept sliding down. Hallie would stop, bend over, and pick them up. Too cute! She's in between sizes right now. The 18-24 month is way to small, but the 2T (in the bottoms--and this came as a set) is too big. It depends on the brand, too...and this is a brand where we still get 18-24 mth in pants and 2T in tops. Hopefully it'll fit better by summer.

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Scroggins Family said...

Emily has the same issue with bottoms! She wears a girls 4/5 shirt and 4T bottoms (and those are usually a little big). Last year, I actually bought the same swimsuit in 2 sizes so she would have a top and a bottom right sized. Wish they came as separates!