Friday, June 12, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend, Jonathan and I left Hallie in the very loving and capable hands of Gramps and RahRah (and Uncle Jeremy) and headed to Dallas to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. While we were sad to leave the little girl (who said, "don't go on a date, Mommy"), we were glad to get away and spend some time together! We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Reunion, and it was beautiful! The downside to it only being us is that we have no really good pictures b/c the one with the longest arms is the one who gets to take the shot usually! haha. On our way to Dallas, we stopped at the Czech Stop Bakery--they have the most DIVINE cream cheese kolaches. If you're never experienced these, I'm so sorry! If you're ever heading north on I-35 from Waco or anywhere more southern, you absolutely must stop here! We spent Saturday just hanging out. We went to the mall and shopped a bit and then headed to an IMAX movie--Night at the Museum 2. After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner reservations at Newport's (seafood). It was pretty yummy...the best part was the calamari, though! :o) After dinner, we searched for The Cheesecake Factory to enjoy some yummy dessert! On Sunday we headed back to Waco, stopping at the Hillsboro outlet mall on the way home. Now, for me, the outlets were great b/c I really only wanted to go to Carter's, Gymboree, GAP, and The Children's Place. But for someone who's not a mommy, they were pretty horrible--lots of available spaces. Not sure how much longer they'll last! When we got back to Waco, our precious little one was napping soundly. We were so eager for her to wake up! When she finally did, she was pretty excited to see Mommy and Daddy! And believe me, we were thrilled to see her! We had a great weekend getaway, but we were very glad to have our little princess back in our arms!

Thanks to Gramps and RahRah for helping out with our baby-free weekend (and our anniversary dinner)...also, big thanks to Nonna and Pop for our hotel for the weekend (their gift to us)! We love ya'll! :o)

More on Hallie's weekend getaway from Mommy and Daddy when we get the pictures! :o) She had a blast, that's for sure!

Getting ready to go...Hallie's not sure why her
bags are packed, but she says she's ready to go.
That is, until she finds out Mommy and Daddy are
going on a date. Her response was a sad,
"Don't go on a date!"

At our hotel

After dinner

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The Coker family said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Love the extended-arm photos. Hope you guys have a great summer!