Friday, June 12, 2009

Play-do Fun

Our girl really enjoys playing with Play-do. Anything that is remotely "artsy" snags Hallie's attention and holds it for longer than I would think for a two year old. I had gotten her some paints and Play-do a while back and recently found them (this happens a lot with me!). She was so excited when she saw them, so I got them out for her. We talked about not throwing it on the floor and not putting in her mouth--amazingly, she was listening. I was cooking dinner while she hour and a half later, she tells me she's "all done". I could not believe she had played that long. She talked about the colors, the little cutters matching the colors, and wnated me to roll the colors up into balls so she could cut them with the little "kife". :o) Since this go around with the Play-do, she has played with the set again, playing for almost just as long. She really has the artsy thing down! :o)

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