Friday, June 12, 2009

Zoo Time!

Despite the Texas heat, RahRah and I braved the zoo with sweet Hallie! She was very excited about going to the much so that any time she got in a little trouble this morning before going, she would quickly say "I sorry, Mommy...I want to go to the zoo!" Sweet thing. We picked RahRah up and excitedly headed to the zoo! We stopped in the gift shop first for a bag of fish food--great fun! I didn't want to spend too much time there, as it's the only place we got to see the last time we went before it started pouring rain! haha. We headed on through the hot as it was! I think the zoo does a good job of alternating outdoor exhibits with indoor ones...just as we felt we'd had enough of the heat, it was time to go indoors and see the aquariums! Thank the Lord for air conditioning! Hallie hadn't been to the zoo in about a year (other than our brief 15-20 minutes a few weekends ago)...she is at a very fun age for the zoo! I really think she enjoyed seeing all the exhibits. I have to say her favorite thing for this visit was getting to feed the fish! So very cute!

After the zoo, Hallie requested Chick-fil-A (surprised?)...I was hoping for more of a McAlister's afternoon, but she was the special girl for the day. Thinking she was completely tuckered out, we expected her to eat and then be ready to go; but no! She played for another 30+ minutes in the CFA play area! And her trip to CFA couldn't be complete without a milkshake...which at this point she hasn't gotten yet. Why? Well...b/c she threw a little fit while we were waiting for it. She was so close to getting it! She was sitting on the counter, arranging the brownie containers (as she often does) when she--out of nowhere--grabbed all of the CFA gift cards (about 50) and flung them across the ordering area. Oh my! While I picked them up, she helped with the gift card holders. When I asked her to give them to me, she quickly hid them behind her back...and then flung those as well (after I told her she wouldn't be able to have her milkshake unless she gave me the holders--yep, she looked me right in the eyes and then flung them with all her tired as it was!). When I told her that I was sorry, but she wouldn't be enjoying that milkshake yet, she went into a hissy-fit. Somehow her chompers were attached to my thigh--and this did not feel good! With CFA gift cards in one hand, I tried to pry her off me with my left hand...I'm sure I was making some sort of face! Then I got on her level and attempted to reason with an exhausted two year old telling her that she had not made any progress toward getting another chance at that milkshake (no, I didn't use those words). She started in with the "I'm sorry Mommys" and I told her I was sorry, too. After she was in her seat, she calmed down a bit and I told her that she would get another chance for her milkshake after she took a nap...she is STILL sleeping 3+ hours now). On the way home, I told my MIL that I couldn't be too hard on her...she was about 2 hours past naptime. Bless her sweet heart. So hopefully the little stinker will get her milkshake when she wakes up...and believe me, she will remember it!

By the way, as we left CFA, Hallie sweetly said, "I had fun at zoo. I had fun eating, too." Love her!

Beautiul giraffes!

Hallie really enjoyed watching this pelican--he was giving
us a little splash show! Very cute!

Enjoying the cool of the aquarium!

Hallie the beautiful butterfly!

Sweet little hand feeding the fishies.

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Scroggins Family said...

It is hard to be mad when you know they are exhausted! She is such a cutie-hope her nap paid off with a milkshake:)