Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girls Day Out

This is Hallie's favorite spot--sitting on the little seat of the window. You can find her here quite often. And if you're looking for a sippy cup, a bow, or anything else Hallie likes to stash, you'll find it in the dollhouse! Now, the things that belong in the dollhouse have other homes--in her play kitchen refrigerator, microwave, shelf, or dishwasher!

Hallie has had quite the interesting day. It started out with her being extremely whiny...probably because she's not getting near the amount of sleep she needs to. It's quite stressful on us all! Last week we took Hallie to the doctor and she had strep throat. Poor thing. She woke up Thursday night throwing up, then threw up again Friday morning. She was very upset about having to go to the doctor, but found her courage along the way saying, "I go to the doctor. I'm sick." Bless her. We laid low all weekend and finally ventured out a bit today. My mom had gotten Hallie an outfit at GAP that she wanted me to try on (make sense?). So Hallie and I headed to the mall. She was excited about going shopping with Mommy. :o) We get there, stop by GAP, browse the racks, then head to CFA for lunch. She and I were going to share some nuggets before enjoying the quarter rides (specifically the train). I was really excited about how well Hallie was eating because her appetite hasn't been that great lately. She was hungry and eating. And then it happened. See, she has had this yucky cough that has been lingering (we'll probably be going to the doctor again soon--sigh) and sometimes it gags her and up comes the food. Bleh. And that's exactly what happened. At first, it was just little...and we caught it in the napkin. But Hallie's gag reflex seems to work REALLY well, so I was ready for more to come. Really, I should've just held the tray up to her mouth. Sigh. Bless her sweet heart, she threw up all over herself. I was catching what I could in my hands (gross, I know...but as a mommy, you do what you have to do, right?). She was crying, people were just wasn't fun. Surprisingly, I didn't freak out. I mean, there was nothing we could do. So I started clean up. Hallie wanted her shirt and shoes off--since they were covered in yuck. So she stood there in her little skirt (Jonathan would have died) while I cleaned everything up. I alerted the CFA people to the incident, and after I had gotten most of it, this high school kid comes out to clean it up. I felt AWFUL. But I was glad I had gotten the majority of it. And as we left and I thanked him over and over, in true CFA form he said, "No problem, ma'am. My pleasure." I'm not sure Truett Cathy really meant that one had to say "My pleasure" when cleaning up a 2 year old's vomit...but I was thankful regardless.

After that, we headed to Gymboree to grab a cheapy outfit (I knew about their big sale--thank goodness!) because all Hallie could think about was riding the train! Embarrassed that I looked like "one of those mothers" as I pushed Hallie through the mall in only a diaper (GASP...and again, Jonathan would have died), I told Hallie to lean back so I could put the canopy over her. lol. Of course, she didn't care...if she had it her way, she'd go everywhere in only a diaper. Oh, and the shoes of her choice. We get to Gymboree, buy a very cute outfit for just over $10 and headed to the train. But not before Hallie's attention was grabbed by the Great American Cookie Company. Feeling sad for her, I caved and bought her a Mini Double Doozie--delicious icing stuffed between two M&M chocolate chip cookies. I know what you're thinking..."but she just threw up". Remember...she gagged. And believe me, that cookie was staying in her stomach. And every last morsel did. Hallie enjoyed the cookie, the train, and the ride to Daddy's work--she was very excited to go see him. She played, gave Daddy the cookie that she picked out for him, and then we headed home. A late nap took place and we're awaiting the arrival of Gramps and RahRah (and maybe Uncle J) for supper. It was a fun day...even with all the craziness that went with it!

Oh, and before Hallie gave into a nap, she insisted on another cookie--this time an oatmeal her favorite spot. And really, the cookie was just a ploy to stay awake just a little longer.


Joy said...

OH my goodness!! I am laughing -- not at poor Hallie throwing up, but at the CFA guy saying, "My pleasure, ma'am." They really do say that for everything!!

Glad she is feeling better!! (and by the way, I am - sadly - often one of the those moms who has the baby in just a diaper in the yard playing -- guess we're from Alabama, huh?) :)

Scroggins Family said...

When Em came down with strep throat, we happened to be in Birmingham to meet mom and dad for mom's birthday brunch. She threw up at Barnes and Noble-all over Tom and the cafe table (of course in the cafe where people are eating). He quickly got her out of there and I did clean up while apologizing:) She threw up 3 times that day on the way back to Tuscaloosa to get to the doctor-and everytime it was on Tom! Poor Tom:)

The Canada's said...

The workers at CFA are the nicest!

You poor guys! I would have been horrified! Your a great mommy Kendra! Glad she is feeling better.

I'll have to check out the sale at Gymboree.