Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Hideout!

Last year, Abby loaned Hallie her barnyard hideout. Hallie played with it on occasion last summer...but wasn't really interested in having a hideout. I decided to pull it out the other day and Hallie was SO excited about it! She's at the age where she really likes to hide and have a place to put her treasures. She keeps the "doors" down and doesn't like us intruding on her privacy (HA!). Daddy is special, though...he got an invitation!

I know it's blurry, but read Halile's face...
"Mommy, KEEP OUT!"

Hallie allowed one visitor.

Hallie is also into telling secrets--it is SO cute. She's telling
Jonathan a secret here...she said, "I love you, Dada!" How
sweet is that?!


Scroggins Family said...

So Sweet!

singinhispraize said...

so sweet. we got nora a little flower shop pop-up play house at target the other day (on sale for $20!) and she loves it. really great entertainment.