Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planting Flowers

I thought I was doing so well with keeping the blog up. Eh...not so much, huh? Hallie and I started bright and early on planting flowers because by noon, it was 100 degrees. Sigh. On Saturday we went to buy the flowers and Hallie was really excited about planting them. Her excitement left about 10 minutes into it. I thought she'd love digging in the dirt--as she usually does--but she just wasn't into it. She played with the dirt on the driveway (with some big clumps that were in the potting soil), but as far as helping with the planting and such, it wasn't her thing for the moment. Now, since we've planted them,she really enjoys checking on them (um, plucking the petals) and helping me water them. They're not dead yet...and it has been over a week! Wow! :o)

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