Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Sunday was a day to celebrate Hallie's sweet, sweet daddy! I cannot imagine a better daddy for my sweet girl. He is completely smitten with her, and the feeling is definitely mutual! Hallie was really excited about getting Jonathan's presents wrapped! She and I woke up and let daddy sleep in a little bit. We wrapped the gifts and then went to get some yummy breakfast--doughnuts from Shipley's. When we got back she ran to get him "Daddy!! Daddy!! Come get your 'presnents'!" So very cute. Hallie told him Happy Father's Day, and it melted his heart! Hallie was recovering from strep, so we took it easy on Sunday morning. I was very sad to not go to church, but the day was still wonderful. Gramps, Rah-Rah and Uncle J came over for lunch. We all ate way too much! We had grilled chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, baked potatoes, fruit with dip, and two desserts--coconut cream pie and spice cake. Everything was delish!

I really wish I could've been with my sweet daddy on Father's Day! We love you, Pop! Hope you enjoyed your goodie basket!

We love you, Daddy! Thank you for being wonderful you!

Hallie was very excited for Daddy to open his presents!
This is a picture of Hallie holding Daddy's hands.

Helping Daddy opening his laptop table.

A painting for Gramps!

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