Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, the conversations...

Hallie is quite the entertainer lately. I have so many stories that I want to remember. So this post is just a little update of sorts for what I've been seeing daily in my sweet girl. These are the things Jonathan and I talk about being SO cute, and things I do not ever want to forget.

I haven't caught it on camera yet, but she loves talking on the phone. She will take my phone and say, "My phone!" Then she'll put it up to her ear and say, "Hey Pop...(nod)...I fine. I got gum" or whatever is going on at the moment. It is absolutely priceless and precious! After talking for a few minutes, she'll look at me and whisper "Mommy, take my phone." So I will humor her and take MY phone from her. haha. She will immediately pop her head around to Jonathan and say "Daddy!!! Mommy took my phone!!" He'll also play along by interrogating me--"Mommy, did you take Hallie's phone." I will fib and say no. Then she'll look completely disgusted and say, "She said 'no'!" We have so much fun with her.

Since we've lived in this house, Hallie's changing table has been in front of the window. Hallie was always interested in the blinds, trying to get a peek of "outside" (as she calls it). I don't even remember the day it started, but Hallie started saying "Hey, Outside!" and Jonathan would begin talking to her as "Outside". First it was just a greeting...then it was full-on conversation. While driving home from our Tuesday night Chick-fil-A run (family night), out of nowhere Hallie began a conversation with "Outside". It went something like this (with me having to be "Outside"):

Hallie: Hey, Outside!
Outside: Hey, Hallie! Whatcha doing?
H: I'm eatin' a french fry.
O:'re eating a french fry? That looks good!
H: Outside, want some french fry?
O: Oh, yes! Thank you! I'd love some french fry!
H: Noooo! Outside! You can't have some french fry. You don't have a face.
O (while stifling the laughter): Oh. Well, I suppose you're right.
H: You can't have french fry. I have a face, I can have french fry.

And that was the end. She didn't talk to outside again until bedtime. lol. It's things like this that happen probably 50 times or more a day. Just the most random, cute things...such creativity, such imagination. Hallie is growing up entirely too fast!

Another thing Hallie does with EVERYTHING is matching. If she sees something that is the same (or almost the same), she'll say--as if it's one word--"itsamatch!" in complete excitement. For example, she and I both have gray New Balance tennis shoes...itsamatch! Hallie's Cinderella doll and her Cinderella bandaid on her leg...itsamatch! Hallie's bow and Mommy's barrett...itsamatch! Daddy's khaki shorts and Hallie's khaki shorts...itsamatch! Other ways Hallie matches--shape, color, size. She has been doing this for several months now, I just keep forgetting to post about it. She keeps us giggling, that's for sure!

Hallie can now sing her alphabet all the way through without skipping a letter. I've yet to capture this on video. Sigh. Her ending makes me laugh--"Now I know my ABCs, next time sing my ABCs". :o) She can also count to 10 without skipping any numbers and can count objects to 5. How did she learn to count objects to 5? I had a bag of marshmallows...she requested five. I had her count them out. She'll sometimes skip 3 and count to 6...but she is quickly learning!

We are SO proud of our sweet Hallie! Can you tell?!

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