Thursday, July 16, 2009

"I going to beach!"

At some point, Hallie overheard Jonathan and me talking about going to the beach. I really think that was over a week ago. Every day Hallie would ask about the beach. If we were leaving to go somewhere, she'd ask if we were going to the beach. She would tell random people "I going to beach!" with pure joy and excitement. I wasn't sure if she would be old enough to understand using a chain as a count down, so I thought I would try something a little more visual. I had some Post-It notes of the days of the week, weather, and various other things. I think I found them at Toys 'R Us (on sale, of course). So Hallie and I drew a picture of the beach together--mind you, she has never been but we have looked at pictures and talked about it A LOT. We also drew a little picture of Hallie. I thought it would be a good visual to see herself getting closer to the beach. And it's been a great little lesson on the days of the week. She will go up to them, point to the day, and say one of the days (although it usually doesn't match up...but one has to start somewhere). She has been very excited each morning to wake up and move herself a little closer to the beach. Tomorrow isn't actually our beach day, but we're flying to for all practical purposes for a two year old, tomorrow we're going to the beach. :o)