Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to it

We have been having so much fun enjoying the day-to-day life with Hallie that I just haven't taken the time to stop and record all the cute and fun details! That doesn't mean they haven't been happening. :o) patient as I gather my thoughts and memories of the past two weeks, pick of some pictures (from the many taken), and put them into little stories.

While you're being patient (all five of you), I'll leave you with a few funny Hallie conversations that have been used lately:

*Driving to Rah-Rah's house one morning, Hallie said "Mommy, you're my friend." Not sure I heard her correctly, I asked her what she said. Again she said, "You're my friend, Mommy." Aww. You're my friend, too, Hallie! :o)

*At supper last night, Hallie was trying to get Rah-Rah's perfume out of her purse (she has a small roll on of Clinique Happy--smells great in small amounts). She loves getting this out and giving everyone some of the roll-on perfume. I told Hallie she didn't need it and to not open it. If she opened it, I would have to take it away. She looked directly at me, unscrewed the cap and proceeded to roll it onto her arm. All while saying "Ha-ha-ha...I put it on" in a mischievous little voice. Oh my!

*On the way home, Hallie wanted to take her sandals off. Jonathan turned around to help her (I was driving) and began to pretend like he was going to eat her shoe. He said, "Argh!! I'll bite your shoe!" In the sweetest, most serious little voice Hallie said, "No Da-da...don't bite my shoe. I'll be very sad. Very sad." Aww.

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The Canada's said...

Love the conversations!!! She is so cute!