Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Beach

My family headed down to Gulf Shores for some beach fun! We have been super excited for Hallie because this was her first trip to the beach. She had been talking about going to the beach for weeks and the beach was FINALLY here! When we first arrived to the condo, Jonathan took her just to get a sneak peek at the beach. I must admit I was a little upset b/c I wasn't technically "there" for her first sight of the beach. But I got to see her excitement as she viewed it from our balcony. After supper, we took her down to the beach and she had a blast! I wasn't sure she'd be too crazy about the sand between her toes, but she loved it...and absolutely loved playing in the sand. She also thought the ocean tide was hilarious--coming and going.

Heading down to the beach for the first time!

Sweet little feetsies in the sand!

Loving it!

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