Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun at the Beach!

**Warning...LOTS of pictures**

We had such a fun, relaxing time at the beach! We played in the sand, in the ocean and at the pool. It had been last summer since Hallie had been swimming, so she was a little slow in jumping right in the pool--much different from last summer. But after about 5 jumps of holding onto Daddy's hands, she was back to being fearless. I bought matching swimsuits for the 3 girls and they were SO cute in them. After we got home, I realized I didn't even get a picture of all 3 girls in the cutie-pie swimsuits! Hattie Grace had quite an aversion to the beach and well, Abby and Hallie did not. So it would have been hard to get all 3 of them in a shot anyway!

Sweet Abby in the pool

Our little fish!



Hattie Grace didn't mind the boardwalk...but
hated the beach!

Hallie was writing her name in the sand...
she was saying "H...L...H...L" :o)

Picking up seashells

My sweetie-pie with her ponytail!

Nonna and Hallie lounging

Daddy built little sandcastles for Hallie to smash!
She LOVED doing this!

I wonder what their little minds were thinking...

Mommy and Hallie watching Daddy go in the ocean.
It was extremely cold this particular day!

Someone didn't want to leave the beach to go
inside for lunch! :o)

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