Sunday, August 9, 2009


Our last night in Gulf Shores was spent crabbing...I really wish we had have done this earlier and then again every night! We went after we got back from supper at Sea-n-Suds, and everyone was very tired. But this is something I really wanted Hallie to do, and I'm so glad we did! Hallie had so much fun. She was really excited about heading to the beach to look for crabs...that is until she realized what we were looking for were little and moving. Then it was straight into either Momma's arms or Daddy's arms--whomever would hold her at the time! She was very adament about catching them though, once we spotted them with an emphatic "Get it, Daddy! Get it!" :o)

Hallie had the perfect outfit for going crabbing...
her shirt says "Crabby" and has a little crab on it!

Jonathan was very unsure about finding crabs because there
were so many people on the beach. I had to remind him that
this wasn't a Texas beach! Then we saw bunches of little
crabs scurrying to and fro...and then I spotted a HUGE one!
We caught it, but ended up giving it to some kids who had a pail
as we had forgotten one. We had so much fun!

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