Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Day on the Beach

After we had all the fun we could at The Track, we headed back to the condo for a relaxing afternoon. Nonna offered to stay in the condo with Hallie so Jonathan and I could have a little time on the beach. We tried to get Hallie to go to the beach, but she was totally against it--she had had no nap and was a little grumpy. So Jonathan and I headed down for a little relaxation. A little while later, Jessica and Abby headed down. Abby didn't have on her swimsuit, but had a water gun. Hmm. It actually turned out to be quite the funny story. Abby would try to squirt Jonathan, then Jonathan would squirt Abby's shirt (remember, no swimsuit). Then Abby would then proceed to stand at the edge of the water and bawl her eyes out. Jonathan tried to tell her she was fine. But she just stood there. Jessica yelled to her that she would be fine. She just stood there. Then this complete stranger walks up to her to ask if she's OK...while the lady's walking back, Jessica tells her that she's her daughter, and that she's crying b/c her uncle got her shirt wet. The lady gives a sheepish laugh and then says, "I asked her if she was lost and all she said was that her shirt was wet." Oh my. She quickly got over it, though. :o)

After a little while longer, Nonna headed down with Hallie...another one who didn't want to put her swimsuit on no matter how much Nonna tried to convince her to do so. Only Hallie didn't seem to care if her shirt got soaking wet. Bless her heart, she had on shorts and a t-shirt along with a regular Pull Up. So as she got soaking wet, her Pull Up began sagging to the sand. After she was done playing, she wanted her shirt and shorts off--then and there. So in true redneck fashion we stripped her to her diaper, then stripped her completely and wrapped her in a towel once we got to the beach shower. She thought it was all quite funny.

It could not have been a better ending to our beach time! Well...I suppose the girls could have worn their swimsuits. :o)

My mom, Hallie, and me

Loving the ocean

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