Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun at Nonna and Pop's

Our extra week was spent shopping, relaxing, and visiting...oh, and of course eating. :o) I think I got my fair share of Zaxby's while I was in Alabama! Yummy! The first day or two, the weather was beautiful, and Hallie and I enjoyed the pool (although my parents' pool has always been frigid). The rest of the week was cloudy and rainy. We were forced to relax--which was exactly what we needed! I got to visit with my friend-since-kindergarten, Kyetra; and I finally got to meet her sweet little Taft! We also visited with our long-time friends, Mandi and Stacey and two of Mandi's three sweet kids. Hallie also got to spend some sweet time with her great-grandmother. I'll post that in its own blog. As I said in another post, even in having extra time, it's just never enough. We can't wait to get back to Alabama!

Hallie could have stayed here the whole week!

Pure joy!

Jump! Jump!

Sweet friends
Kendra, Stacey, and Mandi

Hallie pushing around Cailin in the doll stroller

Long-time friends
Kyetra and Kendra

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