Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Moments with Mawmaw

My dad took off a couple of days to hang out with Hallie and me. So one day we headed over to my grandmother's house so Hallie could spend some time with her. I really enjoyed watching Mawmaw with Hallie and vice versa. Mawmaw showed Hallie her flowers before a little rain shower started. There were some sweet memories made that day that I will always treasure!

Playing in the toy box!

Right before Hallie slammed the door. I'm surprised
she didn't ring the doorbell, too. These are two things
we would've gotten spankings for when we were little.
My, my how Mawmaw has turned into a softie! :o)

Mawmaw telling Hallie about the flowers


The bee killing portion of our visit...the bees
never saw her coming!

Keeping a tally of all the bees she has killed

It was very close to 480 by the time we left...she
had been killing bees for 2-3 weeks at this point.


The Belton Family said...

Mawmaw's flowers are beautiful. I can't believe that she has killed so many bees!

Kristen said...

THAT'S where all the bees are going... it's not the cell phones, it's Mawmaw! Lol!