Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boz the Bear

Hallie spent our first week back in Texas hanging out with Rah-Rah, having tons of fun! I spent our first week back working in my classroom. It is slowly coming together. I have just one short week before I have to go back to school and I hope to fill it with fun for Hallie and me! Our first adventure in fun came last Thursday night. Rah-Rah saw that one of the local churches was having an event for preschoolers, so we decided to take Hallie. They hosted Boz the Bear. He is a cute, green bear filled with Christian values (sort of like Barney, but not as annoying!). Hallie really enjoyed the little videos that were shown before Boz came out, and when Boz made his grand entrance...she absolutely adored him!

We could have waited in a LONG line to have Hallie's
picture taken with Boz...but we chose not to. :o)
Hallie had her Yo-Gos, so she didn't mind.

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