Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did my ears hear correctly?

Tonight we asked Hallie if she wanted a bath or a shower...since ditching the bathtub insert (just makes the tub smaller) for the real deal, she has been loving bathtime even more than before. She's such a big girl. Anyway, tonight Hallie's response was somewhat bittersweet. Her answer was a sweet "showuh". Jonathan and I both froze, looked at each other, and then asked one more time for clarification. Her answer remained the same "showuh". Now, if you're a true Hallie fan, which I know all five of you are (wink), then you will understand why her answer was bittersweet. Before tonight, her answer--without a doubt--would have been "showie"...she couldn't say the -er ending. And it was one of our FAVORITE words of hers. I think that might be a word Jonathan and I continue to use like we use our niece, Abby's "non't know" for don't know. :o) It will forever be in our memories of Hallie. So...while we are thrilled that her vocabulary and speech is moving in the right direction, we're sad that a little bit of her baby-talk is maturing daily. ::sniff sniff::

One other thing...last night Hallie tee-teed in her potty before getting in the bath. She has been totally against using her potty ALL summer! I haven't pushed b/c I know the harder I push, the harder she'll resist. We were so proud of her and she was surely proud of herself. Now, it happened last night b/c she almost tee-teed in the floor, I said "STOP! Let's get your potty!" and I probably startled her into submission. Nonetheless, she stopped and then resumed on her potty. Precious girl. Tonight she would have NOTHING to do with the potty. Nothing. It's going to be her terms...little stinker. :o)

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Kristen said...

Yay for using the potty! She'll get there.