Saturday, August 15, 2009

Texas Rangers

We took Hallie to her first baseball game (August 15), thanks to Jonathan's Uncle Donnie. He and his wife, Irene, were visiting to California and wanted to take the family to a game. Hallie was very excited about going to a baseball game. She almost didn't take a nap because she was so excited! The baseball game did not disappoint Hallie. She loved everything about the game, but her two favorite things were the contant music and the "Dot Race". And there were actual dots racing on the field! HA! When they finished their race, they went into the dugout...Hallie continued to call "Dots, oh Dots!?!" long after they disappeared. She hoped to see them, again, but they didn't make an encore appearance.

The game didn't start until 7:05...very close to Hallie's bedtime. So we left during the 7th inning stretch. I love my Mom, and one thing she taught me was to always, always be prepared. So prepared I was. I packed a little baggie with a disposable washcloth, toothbrush/toothpaste, a little towel, pajamas, and Hallie's night time medicine that she's taking for some congestion. So we were set for Hallie to drift off into dreamland on our drive home and were hoping for an easy transition from the car to bed. We were successful! Yay!

Every day since the game, Hallie has asked to go to another baseball game. I guess we need to make use of having a college team in town and go to more of Baylor's baseball games next season.

On our way to our seats--Hallie was SO excited!

Hallie's favorite part--the Dot Race

Hmm...this is how most of our pictures look. We
weren't supposed to take it until in b/n innings.
Jeremy took it really quickly and said "I got it."
What he failed to mention was that it was horrible.

Daddy got Hallie a special souvenir--a baseball monkey.

So sweet!

Baseball monkey was "walking" (so said Hallie).

Hallie wanted to take a picture with the camera...
this is her first attempt at taking a picture. She wanted
to take a picture of Baseball Monkey--she did a pretty
good job! :o)

We washed Hallie up with a disposable washcloth and
put her pajamas on her. She was ready for the
drive home and then bed!

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