Monday, August 17, 2009

Party Table

Hallie finally has her table and chairs (August 17)! She is SO excited. She got a set for her birthday, but the wood was split. After a return, the same thing happened. So hopefully the third time is the charm for us! Hallie stayed up (way past her bedtime) to "help" Daddy finish putting her table together. And then they had tea. :o) They wrote for a little while...and then she was ready for bed. She has already had breakfast at her table, watched cartoons at her table, colored and drawn at her table...and she has even tried to write on her table. Little stinker. The table has definitely been a hit! :o) Thanks again to Nonna, Pop, Rah-Rah, and Gramps for Hallie's table.

Oh...Hallie also calls her table her "party table". As in, "Hey, Mommy, wanna come sit at my party table?" or "Baseball Monkey, see my party table?" :o)

Drawing sunshines!

Hallie and Daddy at the "party table"

Hallie wrote her name--letter by letter, copying Mommy!
It's "H, a, l, l, i, e" then two more "ls" :o)

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