Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gecko anyone?

As I was gathering clothes to wash and out jumped a gecko! Bless his heart, if he hadn't escaped, he'd have been put through the spin cycle...after that, my imagination runs rampant--spin cycle to the dryer...then discovered when putting on a t-shirt or pants. Hmm...yuck. Thankfully, my imagination was only that. Little ecko, as Hallie called him survived just fine--at least we hope he did after spending about 15 minutes with us! Ha! Hallie had a lot of fun exploring the little Gecko. If you're thinking it's gross...believe me, they're not uncommon. We have them everywhere and often in our house. Maybe I told you the story of the last "Little Gecko" that came to visit our home...he ended up with blunt force trauma to the head (...Hallie stepped on him, accidentally, of course). So we were very gentle with this Little Gecko. :o)

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