Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sic 'em Bears!

We spent our Saturday evening at Floyd Casey Stadium cheering on the Baylor Bears! Hallie LOVES going to sports games...she has now been to all of the "major" sports--football, basketball, and baseball. I'm not sure which one is her favorite. Right now I think baseball b/c of the "Dot Race" at the Ranger game! I'll have to ask her which is her favorite...right now she calls everything baseball. :o) One thing is for sure, she requests popcorn at EVERY game! We had a good time at the game, she loved that they shoot fireworks after every touchdown AND every extra point kick! And she loved listening to the band play--of course, it wasn't the Auburn band (who is amazing, by the way), but she still enjoyed it. Keeping true to her roots (her momma), she was really mesmorized by the majorettes! :o) We left right as the 3rd quarter began because it was past bedtime...hopefully they'll have an afternoon game soon and we'll get to go and stay the whole time. I have heard they let all the kids go down and play on the field after the game--what fun that would be!!

Sporting her Baylor shirt Mommy made for her!

Watching the fireworks!

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