Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello, Mr. Praying Mantis

Jonathan was clipping some weeds that had "crawled" up to our back porch, and from one of those leaves fell one of the most beautiful creatures--a praying mantis. Hallie was very curious. She and I were swinging when I noticed him. Jonathan quickly picked him up on his little hedge clippers and showed him to our little curious girl. The first thing she said? "Hi, bug. You got some shoes? No?" lol. The next thing she asked him, "Want something to eat? You hungry?" She cracks us up! Jonathan sat him on the rail for us to bug-watch while he continued clipping weeds. The praying mantis stayed there for a long time, allowing us to gawk at him! Maybe he was curious about us, too! Isn't he pretty?!

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