Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look Who's 30!

On September 2, our little sweet turned 30...30 months, that is! She is officially two and a half! I felt it was a fairly large milestone...she's now almost 3. Where in the world does the time go?! To celebrate, we decided to have her a little party. We invited Gramps and RahRah over, grilled some hotdogs, and had some cupcakes! It was all very yummy. Since it WAS a party, she of course had to have a "presnent" to open. I found just the thing for her...and she loved it! I also got her some new pajamas with ballet slippers on them. I must confess, she wasn't nearly as excited about them as she was the new Play-doh octopus! :o) That's OK! Turns out, the Play-Doh octopus has been well worth the $6.98 (on sale--1/2 off!) I paid for it...she has played with him EVERY single day, multiple times a day! We really enjoyed celebrating our little girl! She makes us proud every day. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and just can't remember what life was like before her!

Opening her present! She was SO excited!

Loving her Play-Doh octopus

Hmm...those don't look too exciting!

With Gramps and RahRah

With the "half-birthday girl"

Showing RahRah her ballet skills...Gramps had
to leave early for a gig.

The Princess the next morning going to church...
she is wearing the same outfit she wore to her
"party"...that night she said, "I wanna wear this
to's cute!" :o)


Anonymous said...

That ZaZa outfit looks SO cute on her! Wish we could have been there for her "30th" birthday. We miss ya'll and wish we could come out for a few days, but don't know if we'll be able to. xxxooo, Nonna

The Coker family said...

She wears 30 very well! She's adorable! Ballet lessons and tutus seem like so much fun.