Saturday, September 12, 2009

Relaxing after school...

When I picked Hallie up from school on Wednesday, she immediately said, "I want some popcorn, please!" :o) What a way to relax after school...with some popcorn and a cartoon. While Hallie was relaxing, I decided to start dinner...she later helped with dessert. And by help, I mean stuck her fingers in the cheesecake while I was mixing it. :o) In fact, while I was cooking, Hallie snagged a half of a stick of butter off the counter (I must remember how tall she is now!) and began eating it. She was quite happy in doing so...she does love butter. She only took about two little bites of it before realizing that some things are only good in small amounts; upon that realization, she decided to throw it away. So silly!

Relaxing ("with" the popcorn)!

This is her latest thing...wanting her picture taken
"with" something...and she puts it up by her face. :o)

Just needed to prove to ya'll that she didn't continue
chomping on the stick of butter...and that I didn't
put it back into the fridge after being gnawed on by
a two year old. :o)

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