Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miss Ballerina

In case you didn't know, Hallie LOVES ballet. On Sunday we had everyone over for lunch. Hallie had worn some pink leggings and little dress to church, but when she got home she wanted a little pink shirt on. I later realized that she was trying to pretend like she had on her ballet outfit. She was in the living room "playing ballet" with Uncle Jeremy. Then she invited the rest of us in to "play ballet". She had taken random objects on the floor in a line--just like Mrs. Korpi does. Mrs. Korpi puts out discs or cones for the girls to do leaps over. She spreads them out across the floor. Hallie was doing the same thing. Then she was running and jumping over them. Well...sort of. We always laugh that she doesn't miss a thing...she really doesn't. She is so observant. We thought this was just darling, of course!

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