Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heart of Texas Fair!

The fair is in town--Hallie has been wanting to go since she noticed them setting it up last week! In spite of her little injury, Hallie wanted to go to the fair this weekend. The weather has been so iffy, we decided to go ahead and take her this past Saturday. It has been quite chilly here in Waco...I believe the high was 57 on Saturday! We bundled up and headed out after Hallie woke up from her nap. In fact, the first words out of her mouth when she woke up were and excited, "I go to fair now!" She was SO excited once we got there and loved seeing all the sights! Our first stop was the petting zoo...I thought Hallie would enjoy this...but this year the animals were wilder than I remember them being last year! OK, maybe not wild, but aggressive. They wanted the food you had in your hand as soon as they noticed it! And they would go to great lengths to get it! There was a llama who targeted my ice cream cone full of feed...that llama head-butted me, followed me, and just really haggled me the entire time we were in the petting zoo! Hallie tried to feed some baby goats until some other goats came up and practically pushed her down after jumping on her. She immediately dumped her food on the ground and raised her arm for Jonathan to pick her up! We had a great time at the fair. In fact, Hallie woke up Sunday morning and said, "Guess what, Mommy!? We're going to go to the fair again today!" We didn't. ;o)

At the fair entrance

This was before Hallie was "attacked"! :o)

There's the llama...lol!

Sweet little babies.

Hallie wanted to ride the ferris wheel--she was
SO excited to be riding it!

The fair!

Look at those two cuties!

Hallie rode a little kiddie coaster and loved it...but it went
too fast for Jonathan to get a picture! Here she is on the
little ladybug ride. :o)

Daddy and Hallie went fishing...and she won this little crown.

All Hallie wanted the whole time we were there was
some ice cream...it was about 55 degrees outside! But
she got her ice cream--with lots of sprinkles!

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