Friday, October 9, 2009

On the way to the doctor...

Last night, Hallie's booster seat toppled off her chair while eating at Fuddrucker's. She landed on her left shoulder and instantly began screaming. I just knew something wasn't right. On the way home she was not herself. We tried to take her mind off the pain to try to gauge how much pain she was in--we offered her ice cream from Baskin Robbins, a new doll from Target, a new toy, a new movie, popcorn, an ICEE, all of her loves were offered...and turned all of them down. We knew she was in pain at that point. We asked her where it hurt and she consistently pointed to her shoulder/neck. We offered all her favorites when we got home...she turned them all down, too...except for marshmallows--which we were out of. Sigh. She went to sleep easily, but we agreed we would take her to the doctor the next day.

So...we headed to the doctor today. Our doctor, Dr. Popejoy, doesn't work on Fridays, so we saw Dr. Huitink--he's a great doctor, too. He was great with Hallie. As soon as he walked in, she said, "Hi. I hurt my shoulder. I fell off my booster." She pointed to the exact spot where she was hurting, and he was quite impressed with her ability to tell him exactly how she felt. He ordered an x-ray of her shoulder. Hallie was wonderful on the x-ray table. I wish I had've goten a picture of what a big girl she was! She thought it was neat that they were taking a picture of her shoulder with such a big camera! A few minutes later, Dr. Huitink returned with the x-ray results...clear as day, you could see her little collarbone, broken. I was so sad!

While waiting for the doc to get in touch with the orthopedic doctor (who actually left early), Hallie entertained the nurses by pretending to be Dr. Popejoy. While she was pretending, Dr. Popejoy came into the office to pick up some paperwork. Hallie was SO excited to see her! Dr. Popejoy is pretty high up on Hallie's list of favorite people. She is on several billboards around town advertising Hillcrest Medical Center. Everytime Hallie sees one she yells out, "There's my Dr. Popejoy!" It's SO cute!

I called Jonathan to tell him her collarbone was broken; he left work and came right over. Dr. Huitink showed us how to wrap her arm with an ACE bandage to immobilize her arm. Hallie actually has not fought this at all...yet. We go next week to see an orthopedic doctor and get some physical therapy exercises to do with Hallie in a few weeks, once that bone starts to heal.

So far...this whole ordeal hasn't slowed Hallie down one bit!

Trying to climb a tree before the doctor's visit...

"Nah, I don't wanna go to doctor. I wanna go for a walk."
said by Hallie before leaving.

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