Saturday, December 19, 2009

How Could I FORGET?!

Oh. My. Word. I have no idea how I could possibly have forgotten this...our lovely experience on the way to Alabama--we'll call it "The Great Chapstick Incident". lol. I was taking a turn driving and Hallie was awfully quiet in the back seat. We didn't think anything of it until we heard "ha ha ha" (literally, those words spoken...and they usually mean she's up to no good! Ha!). We both gave her a quick glance and I asked Jonathan what was on her forehead. He gave her a closer look and she had chapstick on her forehead--like a 1/4 of it. When he got an even closer look he realized there was no more Cinderella chapstick left in the was ALL in her hair! Again: Oh. My. Word! As soon as we could, we stopped at a gas station to see how much "damage" had been done. Sheesh. She had taken the entire tube of chapstick, squished it into her hands and basically rubbed it all throughout...THROUGHOUT...her hair! Gasp!! I took her into the gas station bathroom (thank goodness it was one of those "travel centers") and washed her hair best I could with hand soap. That junk was NOT coming out! We bought a cheap comb and at least combed it down. lol. When we got to my parents' house, we put her in the bath tub straight away. Again, that mess was not coming out. Makes you wonder what it's even made of! It was a little better than it was in the beginning, but not much. We finally ended up buying some Dawn dish washing detergent. lol. Thank you, Dawn, for all the commercials of you washing the oil out of the little ducks' feathers after an oil spill! Seriously! lol. I do believe we washed her hair at least...AT times before it was semi-normal. And even then, it was a little "crunchy". She thought it was all hilarious, of course...until all the hair washing occurred. Below are two pictures of our happy little traveler with some Cinderella chapstick hair gel! :o)


Kristen said...

Literally laughed out loud! Bless you for going through that!

Kendra said... And by the way, those two pictures were AFTER I had washed her hair in the bathroom about four times. lol. It didn't seem to bother her one bit. haha.