Sunday, December 20, 2009

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

We have had a fun, relaxing Sunday with family! After church we headed to lunch with Grandmom, Gramps, and RahRah. Then our little family of three headed to the Baylor basketball game! Hallie was super excited about getting popcorn; in fact, she told us we should stop by Target first so she could get popcorn and an Icee. lol. Today you got in free if you brought your church bulletin--thankfully we got one on the way into church b/c after they announced that, there wasn't a bulletin to be found! :o)

Hallie was very excited to see the mascots--some of the high school mascots around town were at the game, too. We were lucky enough to see Baylor's mascot on our way into the game and he motioned for Hallie to come over for a hug! She was more than happy to and talked about him the rest of the game. Hallie really enjoys going to sporting events--I guess she is her father's daughter! ;o) Lucky for me she loves dressing up and baby dolls, too! heehee.

After the game we headed over to the Bear Habitat on Baylor's campus--they have two bears, Lady and Joy. Hallie was super excited to see them...and on the way over, we recited phrases from one of her favorite books Going on a Bear Hunt. We think we WILL go on a bear hunt again! :o)

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Anonymous said...

She's my little cutie pie! I know she enjoyed her "bear hunt". Hugs & kisses, Nonna :-)