Friday, December 25, 2009

Is Santa Here?

That is the question Hallie has asked first thing every morning for the past three mornings--"Is Santa here?"...and this morning, our reply was, "He came to see you and left you some surprises!" Much to a two year old's dismay (at least if you're Hallie), he was not actually still here. That, she did not understand. She wanted to see play with him. I know in her sweet little mind, she was hoping he did not forget the beloved "princess castle" that she so lovingly asked him for when she bravely sat on his knee. OK, so she actually climbed up there and just simply blurted out "Princess castle!" to him before he could even say hello, but still. She made her point.

Christmas Eve: The cookies were baked, the Christmas story read. It was time to drift off to sleep and have those visions of princess castles dancing in her head. Much to Mommy and Daddy's dismay, Hallie was a little too excited. Earlier in the evening, we went to our church's Christmas Eve service. Then we visited with Jonathan's parents, brother, uncle, cousin, and grandmother. When we got home, it was LATE! Mr. and Mrs. Claus were already tired and still had lots to do! Somehow, it all got done...I suppose Christmas Eve is magical and it all comes together.

So...Christmas Morning: Santa came, he left a loot...and everyone was happy! :o)

Santa left a partially eaten cookie...Hallie left the gummies
for the reindeer. She said, "I bet they will like gummies."
She's so sweet!

This is the picture my mom took every Christmas--I
guess it's to prove that everything had a place before
my brother and I tore it to shreds. It helps me
remember what the princess received. :o)

The beloved and long-awaited "princess castle"!
Hallie LOVES it! We, er Santa could have only
brought this and she would have been peachy!
It is actually a princess vanity/keyboard...very cute!

Hey, there's a princess in the mirror!

Hallie got a few cute outfits...she got some boots.
Once she opened the boots, she had to assemble
the entire outfit! lol. She's my child! :o)

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Anonymous said...

Tell Hallie that Nonna loves her princess castle! I think she has been VERY patient waiting for it, considering it all started with a potty and a toy book. HA She is a cutie pie!! Miss being with ya'll.