Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Even though I got a brand, spanking new camera, I just didn't take that many pictures on Christmas Day. Shame on me. Perhaps I was intimidated. Perhaps I was just enjoying the moment...either way, shame on me. ;o) I did snap a few that are pretty cute, though. So I'll share those. After a yummy breakfast, Gramps and Rah-Rah visiting, and playing with all our fun new toys, we headed to Gramps's and Rah-Rah's house for Christmas lunch. It was delicious! We laughed, we ate, we enjoyed each other's company. Hallie had one thing on her mind. Presents. We had to postpone desert so the princess could open presents...we had all taken a turn saying, "Hallie--do not open that present yet!" haha. Finally, Hallie got to pass out the presents and dig into her gifts! She was in Heaven! :o)

Giving Grandmommy a present

Hallie helped me open this present--a picture of a
sweater! :o) I had tried this sweater on in the store,
but the medium was too big. And they only had a
small in pink...and that color didn't look too great.
So Gramps and Rah-Rah ordered the green one for me!
I can't wait to get it! :o)

Rah-Rah and Hallie are excited about her next
gift--Colorforms! :o)

Hallie loves her cousin, Derek. This was their
first time to meet!

We (read: Jonathan) gave J's brother a pellet gun
for Christmas...really, he shouldn't be playing
with this in the house...but ALL of the "boys" did!

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