Monday, December 28, 2009

There's No Place Like Home really, there's no place like home. And I would love to be "home" right now. Home being Alabama. We went home earlier this month for my parents' 40th anniversary party. But because we went then, we weren't able to go again for Christmas for various reasons--the main reason being that Jonathan didn't have any more vacation days to take. Sigh. Needless to say, it has been very different not packing bags and getting on an airplane headed to Alabama. So yeah, there's no place like home. Also, Jonathan's Uncle Donnie and cousin, Derek are heading back to California tomorrow. We met them for lunch today. It has been a nice visit with them. Hallie really loves them--this was her first time to meet Derek and she took to him quickly. So since they're heading back to California, for them...there's no place like home. And lastly, when we returned home from eating lunch at McAlister's, there was a package (from "home") waiting on Hallie. :o) The box brought some cute clothes, some new toys, and some already loved red shoes that look a lot like Dorothy's..."no place like home". Or it could be no place like home for Hallie b/c she always gets presents here! lol. Perhaps now you understand my post title a little better. :o) Here are a few pictures of the day! Disclaimer: Hallie picked out her clothes today. She picked out her beach dress. When I told her that it was too cold for it, she said she could wear a sweater and some pants with it. I obliged since it was not a battle I wanted to fight. I wish I had taken a picture of her b/c she really looked quite adorable (as if she doesn't always!).

Derek, Gramps, and Donnie
(I'm not sure why Derek has his hood on...)

The McAlister's floor with her jeans. haha.

Grandmommy--I got her smiling, but not looking at the camera.

Playing with Gramps!

Opening her presents! When we pulled into the
driveway, she noticed the box. She said, "I bet
there's a dress in there!" I'm not sure why she
said that...but there was a dress! lol.

Oh boy! Polly Pockets! She calls her "Pollyanna". :o)

A clock! Mommy had one of these when she was little!

"There's no place like home". When Hallie took
these out of the box, she actually clicked the heels
of the shoes together! lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you don't know how we wish you were "home", too. Quite a different Christmas, to say the least. But, we did have our time together at the party and that was very special. :-) Love you bunches!! Mom

Misti said...

Hey Friend!
Thanks so much for the Christmas card! You have a beautiful family! Looks like Hallie had a blast at Christmas!
Miss you lots!

The Coker family said...

I love this post (& Hallie's shoes)!