Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jumping Party for One!

Hallie woke up this morning with the news that she was going to get a surprise today. At that very moment, she was extremely excited. This little girl LOVES surprises--unlike her momma who despises them. Yes, it is true...I would rather know exactly what I'm getting for Christmas than have to "perform" as I'm opening presents; I would like to know if my parents are coming to visit so I can make sure there are enough towels clean...I do not, I repeat DO NOT like surprises. Now, I love creating surprises for other people, I just don't like to be on the receiving end of them. haha. Moving on. From the moment I spoke the word "surprise", Hallie was questioning me. Thankfully I didn't tell her the moment she woke up...just shortly after! Well, after breakfast and a few cartoons. I digress. I wouldn't tell her where we were going, just that there would be a surprise. Rah-Rah and I took her to Jumping Party--an indoor inflatable fun center. And let me tell you...fun center it is! You pay $6 for 4 hours (they have open free jump times)...and adults don't have to pay! The minute we walked through the door, you could see the stars in Hallie's eyes! She immediately took off her shoes as if she had been a thousand times and obediently placed them in a pink bucket (she chose the color) before going out onto the floor. Oh, and this was her first time...I guess all kids just "know what to do"! She was not shy about the inflatables. I didn't really know what to expect, but I have to admit, Rah-Rah and I were both impressed. The inflatables were just the right size for her. She got to practice her climbing skills and show off her fearlessness with the slides! And there were enough inflatables that not every kid was on the same one at the same time. We all had a blast--especially Hallie. We will definitely be going again...and I'm considering this as a venue for her 3rd birthday party. She had so much fun there today, I know she would have a blast with some of her little friends!

Tonight after we read our three night time books--the books vary from night to night but it is generally always three--Hallie sat in my arms snuggling. I could tell her little mind was racing. She looked up at me with those sweet, brown eyes and said, "I loved my surprise!" Bless her sweet little heart! I sure do love that little girl!

This inflatable was BY FAR her favorite! I
think she went up and down this one the
most of any of them!

This was the biggest inflatable there. And Hallie couldn't
climb it alone. She really wanted to do it, though, so I
went with her and we slid down together. I'm pretty sure
she would have slid down it with just me beside her, but
we never got around to going on this one again.

This was at the end of a long obstacle course...it wasn't
as steep as the slide above, so Hallie and I held hands
going down it. It did sort of dump you off at the end,
though...Hallie thought it was hilarious. This inflatable
came in a close second--she loved it!

Our little climber--she was so proud of herself when
she did it "all by myself"!

Even Rah-Rah got in on the obstacle course action.
The first time, Hallie slid down without her (lol) and
went through the course again--all by herself--so
Rah-Rah wouldn't have to slide alone. ;o)

One last time--Rah-Rah and Hallie racing

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Anonymous said...

As for surprises, we just might have to spring one on you and we can bring clean towels with us. HAHA Hallie looks like she had a ball on the inflatables! Pretty cute!! I think that would be a great place for her party. :-) Love you bunches, Nonna