Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Day!

It has been SO incredibly cold this past week here in the great state of Texas! Yesterday the weather man said there was a 50% chance of snow. Well...50% chance, please! It'll never snow! My students were working quietly as I was walking around monitoring and helping individual students (doesn't that sound just when I turned around and looked out the window of our classroom's back door. There were snow flurries! SNOW FLURRIES! Without hesitation, I said, "Guys...put your coats on. It's SNOWING!" They jumped out of their seats and were just giddy with excitement! At first we were just going to go into the little courtyard just outside our classroom; but I quickly decided we'd make the most of it and head to the playground. Before long, every class was outside enjoying the incredible sight! There were snowflakes the size of was amazing! We stayed outside playing in the snow for probably 30 minutes or so. We almost missed lunch! Ha! It didn't snow for too much longer. By the time we went inside, I couldn't feel my fingers (it was COLD!)...but we made memories that those kids won't forget for a long time. And it was a blessing to me--it reminded me that they're kids. Sometimes in the midst of C-Scope, PYP, spelling words, reading tests, practicing for the TAKS test, teaching multiplication, perimeter, fractions, the history of transportation, and the properties of's easy to forget that these kids are well, kids. It was extremely fun to see their innocent excitement about the snow! I was excited about the snow. And we all enjoyed it together. And you know what, we forgot to take our spelling test today; I'm pretty sure the sun will still rise tomorrow! :o)

My crazy class!

Some of my lovelies!

Look at that snow coming down! Beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Hope we get some here tonight!! I'll let you know in the morning. :-) Nonna