Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hallie had a special visit tonight after bath time! Whitney is back! Hallie was very excited until she got out of the bath. Then I think she was a little nervous...maybe she was thinking that Whitney was real. Her excitement quickly returned when she noticed Whitney's feet sticking out from underneath the PINK Christmas tree and found a little surprise tucked away with her! :o)

Whitney before she hid under the tree skirt!

On a different note, here's Hallie's pink tree and her
new "push-a-button"...a push button so she can turn her
tree on and off all by herself. She LOVES it! :o)
Hopefully her tree will be moved to the den this week.

Reading the note Whitney left

Hallie loved her new seek and find princess book!
She hugged Whitney and told her thank you for
her book! Too sweet!


The Belton Family said...

Seeing Whitney's little leg's sticking out made me think of the witch on the Wizard of Oz! I think it is those stripes!
I love Hallie's tree! I know that we have to get Taft a bigger one for next year. That will be an after Christmas sale buy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see Whitney again! And what a nice surprise she brought. Tatum also returned...we were up before daylight. I told Pop that we need her all year long...then there would be no problem getting Abby up for school. :-) Tell my little sweetie that we will see her very soon...can't wait!! Love you, Nonna