Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dance like your Momma's watching

I cannot tell you how much Hallie loves going to ballet class. She may not quite understand her days of the week, but she knows that on Tuesday she goes to ballet. Every Tuesday morning, she goes in and tells Miss Pattie and Miss Lou that she'll "go to ballet today". Precious! Today I took my snazzy new camera (heehee) to ballet class...really, I should have taken my longer lens. Live and learn I suppose. There's always next week! :o) Nonetheless, I snapped a few pretty cute pictures of our little ballerina doing her thing. I love that her classes are in a skating rink and that it's open so that the parents can sit and watch their little ballerinas. I love getting to see how she acts in class (which is usually good...but today it seemed that all the ballerinas had a case of the sillies!) and what she's learning. :o)

I just want to say that when I say Hallie loves ballet, I mean she LOVES ballet! She teaches ballet to Jonathan and me all the time--it's pretty cute! It's my hope that this love will continue to grow in her b/c it teaches so many wonderful disciplines.

Getting ready to line up!

Waiting patiently to be greeted by Mrs. Korpi!
Look at that turn out in first position! I taught her that. :o)

Mrs. Korpi told Hallie she did a great job of
waiting patiently. :o)

Galloping with one of her new teachers, Mrs. Katie Ruth.
Hallie loves her new teacher!

Ballerina toes!

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