Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year from the Echols Family! We hope you are having a wonderful 2010! We're only a day into it, so ours is pretty great so far. Well, we're all congested and have allergy issues going on, but we know things could be a lot worse! We hope 2010 brings many joys and blessings your way!

I'm sure many of you make that list of things you plan on doing better in the next year. I'm pretty sure I did that high school. And I was so disappointed in myself for not accomplishing every goal that my plan was to never make another list! Ha! For me, I know there are things I can do better every day, so changing the year on the date doesn't make a whole lot of difference for me. I can always be a better wife, mother, daughter, teacher, sister, and friend. I can always treat people with more respect and love. I can always do better with keeping up with the disaster that is so often our house. I can always do better with organization (what I really mean is laundry and grading papers--lol). And since those things are ongoing, there's no need in making a list. In my mind, lists are for things that can be crossed off once accomplished. I'm pretty sure the things mentioned above can never be fully accomplished. :o) Well, I know two that will probably NEVER be accomplished--keeping up with laundry and grading papers on time! Ha!

So, here's to a new year! I can't believe a year already passed by! Happy 2010!

New Year's Day
(Can you tell my allergies are getting the best of me?! Sigh!)

Two of the biggest blessings in my life!

The next two were taken Christmas Day...with my
mother-in-love's camera and I just got the pictures.
I love both of the pictures--and the people in them! :o)

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