Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Sickies and Surprises

Hallie woke up this past Thursday night throwing up--fun times. She has had a lot of congestion the past couple of days and was calling for Momma and crying, so we don't really know the cause of her getting sick. Maybe her tummy was upset or maybe she got gagged in all the excitement of waking up crying. Either way it was gross and messy. She ended up in the bed with us and went fast to sleep. Jonathan and I went back and forth about who would take care of her the next day. Praise the Lord I had a teacher work day on Friday! At first we planned on me just staying home, but I had so very much to do with getting report cards ready that it was a must that I go to school. Hallie was very excited to go with me! We packed her several snacks, the DVD player, her movies, her nap mat and a blanket and headed to school. Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot done despite the fact that I set Hallie up in her personal movie theater! :o)

Since Hallie had been running a fever since the great vomit incident (and we had a long weekend coming up) we decided to take Hallie to the doctor. Jonathan came to school around 2 pm to pick up Hallie for her doctor's appointment. Hallie did great at the doctor's, and you wouldn't have known she had a temp of 100.4 with the way she was jumping from one colorful square to the next! Dr. Huitink (who we always see if we go to the doc on Friday b/c our pedi doesn't work on Fridays) examined Hallie and said she did a great job--actually he said she was the best two year old he has examined lately! :o) She took deep breaths for him, let him look in her ears, and even stuck her tongue out for him to look in her throat! He said he had seen a lot of RSV lately, but she didn't have the symptoms of that. Praise the Lord! To be on the safe side, he ordered chest x-rays. Hallie did great in x-ray and turns out everything looked normal. Hopefully she will be 100% better soon! :o)

Hallie's appetite has been way down because of all
her Daddy got her popsicles!
It was love at first sight. :o)

Hallie spent part of the afternoon with Gramps and Rah-Rah.
We returned with a surprise for Hallie to help lift her spirits.
I love her facial expression here--so excited!

"A vaca-uum"!

"Here, Mommy! Take a picture of me with
my vaca-uum. Smile, vaca-uum!" :o) Love!!

Here Hallie wanted a picture of JUST the, vaca-uum. :o) She checked the
picture to make sure it was OK! Ha!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad my sweetie is feeling much better and tell her that I love her vaca-uum. :-) Hugs & kisses, Nonna