Friday, February 26, 2010

What a Mess!

Oh my word. I do not know what in the world is going on here...but Hallie is not one who is a real messer. I mean, she's a mess, but today she was a REAL mess! Ha! She wanted some M & Ms, so I obliged...they're the minis from Valentine's (heavily discounted the day after!!). She was turning them up and dumping them in her mouth...something she's fairly good with. Then she dropped one. ONE! And she nearly had a fit. After we told her to just pick it up it seems that all manners went out the window; for this is what happened next. They ALL went into her mouth at one time, both hands were used to try to hold them there...then her hair was brushed off her forehead (hence the chocolate smear there). And she thought it was all great fun. I had to snap a picture for those of you who think Hallie is just as dainty as can be! She's obviously not. ;o)

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Misti said...

John and I both got a kick out of those pictures! How funny! We love ya'll! I love the new umbrella picture at the top of your blog.