Friday, February 26, 2010

Fairytale Princess

This came in the mail today! I was SO excited to open it up...Hallie was ecstatic! Hallie kept saying, "It's my birthday! It's my birthday!" I ordered this Fairytale Princess theme from Birthday in a Box and could not be more pleased with the timely shipping and great packaging! I found the prices fair, too. This is exactly what I had in mind...something princess and simple. I didn't want Disney princesses because that's a bit too much "theme-ish" for me. Hallie wants a princess party, so when I found this design, I knew it was perfect! We won't have as many guests as we had originally planned because Hallie's ballet class was cancelled and we didn't get to give her little ballet friends invitations, but Hallie is going to have a wonderful time no matter who is there! All her favorite people will be at her party! :o) The little princess bags will be the party favor with a few little treats inside--so fun and cute! I love having a little girl and getting do girly things with her/for her! And I will as long as she will let me! Now...what will she wear to hear party? I'd better get busy figuring that out! :o)

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