Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well...we've been up to this and that lately. Nothing too important. I can say with great excitement that the 2010 TAKS testing is DONE! OVER! FINISHED! Whew. I could not be happier about and thousands of other Texas teachers! Hallie has been her same old sweet little self...with a little sickness mingled in here and there. She had some fever, then Croup, then a gross cough different from Croup, then more fever, then a stomach bug resulting in vomiting. It was just a fiasco. On top of that, all the drainage she was dealing with was causing her to randomly gag and vomit (not fun for anyone). Poor thing. We think she's finally on the mend! She still has some allergy issues, but hopefully the Claritin and Children's Mucinex will help that. :o)

All the yuckiness started last Monday night. Jonathan stayed home with Hallie on Tuesday. But she was feeling better and wanted to go to ballet, so we headed on to ballet. Then Wednesday morning she still had fever, so Hallie headed to school with me. It was a fun-filled day and she was on her very best behavior. Then she made it to Miss Pattie's the rest of the week. Over the weekend she took a little turn. On Saturday she woke up with more fever and vomiting. So I headed to HEB to get some "baby juice" (aka, Pedialyte). I grabbed Hallie her very own flowers and "Get Well" balloon. She was SO excited when I told her I had a surprise for her. She's such a sweetie!

We skipped out on church Sunday morning because Hallie still had a fever...she was pretty lethargic all day. Jonathan and I both had a long week ahead but knew she couldn't go to Miss Pattie's on Monday. So we shared the responsibility--we divided and conquered. Hallie was feeling much better on Monday, thankfully! Jonathan stayed with her until lunch time. Then they grabbed lunch and headed to my school. Hallie spent the rest of the afternoon with me and my third graders--something she has a BLAST doing! She helped hand out papers, she told the kids they were being too loud...she was a natural teacher. Haha! She even participated in making a life cycle picture of the butterfly! The kids love having her there and are much better behaved with her joining us--I wonder if my principal would frown upon her joining me every day until the end of the year! Ha!

Here's Hallie with her finished product. She is so cute--she can tell you exactly what each stage of the life cycle is. When she gets to the chrysalis, she says, "This is a hard one..." and then whispers "chrysalis" (because that's what I said to her everytime we went through it). She is so smart and such a little cutie! I love it! She is going to have so much fun at "big girl school" next year! :o)

Now, on a different note that is seems our sweet little princess girlie-girl has a smidgen of little boy in her. She thinks the word "poop" is hysterically funny. And she calls everything "Poo-Poo ______". For example, "Can I have my poo-poo milky?" Oh. My. Word. We're hoping this passes quickly. The sad thing is, we know we shouldn't laugh about it, but sometimes we just can't help it. I mean, here's this little girl who demands to wear a dress every day, wants her hair in piggy tails with a headband and a "big bow", and cute shoes; who goes to ballet once a week and then pretends to be a ballerina the rest of the week; a little girl who watches Tinkerbell, Barbie's Princess and the Pauper, and Princessa Ballerina ALL THE TIME...and she thinks the word poop is hilarious (and she'll give a generous nod to "tooting", too). LOL. Oh my. This little girl is a stinker (which she also thinks is hilarious, too.). She's so much fun! :o)

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Alison said...

That is so funny. Kara says "booty" before everything! Must be the age! Ha!