Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pink anyone?

Pink Reef flip-flops: $12
Sparkling ballet skirt (with ballet shoes and a wand...location unknown): $10
Too small Gymboree top: $8
Polka dot Gymboree fleece: $8 (a Jingle deal!)
Princess crown (with matching earrings and necklace...location unknown): $8
Noticing your child is ONLY wearing pink: Priceless (and also hilarious) :o)
Having a husband who'll take his little girl to a restaurant dressed like this: Unbelievable. ;o)

It's Saturday morning...our favorite time. We're all snuggling in bed. After Hallie wakes up and watches cartoons for a bit, her transformation slowly begins. First, a ballet skirt quickly takes the place of the pajama pants. Then, somehow, Hallie manages to find a t-shirt that's too small to replace her pajama top. Hey, at least she can wear the pajamas another night, right?! :o) After that either a princess tiara or headband (with bow, of course) adorns Hallie's head. This particular morning the feet were graced with one blue Cinderella princess shoe and one Sleeping Beauty princess shoe (the matches to both are broken/lost).

Fast forward an hour or so...Daddy is heading to get doughnuts and Hallie wants to go. It's chilly outside, so we tell her she has to put on a jacket. Daddy says "no" to the princess shoes, so Hallie opts for some sparkling pink flip-flops (thanks, Nonna). As Hallie was heading out the door, I noticed that she was completely dressed in pink--literally from head to toe! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Only our sweet Hallie could pull that off for sure! HAHAHA Hugs & Kisses, Nonna

Lindsey said...

Love all the pink!!! Lakyn loves pink too but hasn't put on a cute outfit like that yet!!