Saturday, May 22, 2010

A First for Hallie

Hallie is 3 years 3 months (almost) old...and she had her very first haircut Thursday, May 20th.  It was time.  Her hair was kind of wild!  Ha!  And it is absolutely precious right now.  We went to The Mane Event and had a wonderful experience!  Hallie had so much fun with her first haircut experience and her hair looks SO much better--absolutely precious.  Miss Sheryl (who cut Hallie's hair) just trimmed the very back...Hallie no longer has a baby mullet.  Ha!  And as the sides grow out more, we'll go back and get it all evened up.  It's amazing how much better Hallie's hair looks.  It's not stringy anymore--yay!  And her little curls in the back are sweet and bouncy.

Jonathan took this picture on Wednesday.  When I saw it, I said, "Wow...Hallie needs a haircut!  Let's go tomorrow!"  He agreed.  She still has the sweetest little face...she just had some WILD hair! :o)

The first snip!

Look how relaxed Hallie looks!  She thought she was a princess sitting so tall in that chair!  It was so cute!

Hallie loved watching in the big mirror!

Look at that face! :o)
Miss Sheryl asked Hallie if she wanted her hair curly or straight.  Hallie told her straight!  Lol!  It looks much better curly, though.  But it was fun for her to get her hair brushed and blown dry. :o)

Sweet girl!

Hallie and Miss Sheryl--she was wonderful for Hallie's first cut, and we'll be going back to her for future cuts!

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Anonymous said...

Precious!! Her hair looks so cute. What a sweet lady...wish she lived in AL.. Love your haircut, Hallie. Hugs & Kisses, Nonna